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IGT Slot machine garage sale (S2000) for sale in Surprise, AZ buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

Real Vegas Slot machine offered in working condition today for $150.00 AS IS. Pick Up your consignments and return them to storage Here's our courtesy message to unsuspecting slot machine buyers. Slot Machine Buyer Beware! Phoenix is flooded with offers of low priced original Las-Vegas slot machines at garage sales. These continuing garage sales have become common recently with the request of cash only transactions involving no receipts, text messaging or emails as evidence of your purchase. While this may sound appealing, what happens when your purchase no longer functions as advertised ? Without any official receipt of your purchase, you as the buyer may have no recourse in the matter and are stuck with a non-functioning machine. A more serious consequence may also result as a direct result of your actions. As an educated buyer, it is important to protect your hard earned cash and investment. Here are several ways in which you can enjoy peace of mind in purchasing a used slot machine. 1. Make your purchase from a licensed buisness and ask to see their business license. Legitimate retailers are required to register with the state and municipality where they are located. Purchasing from an unlicensed seller is usually an 'AS IS' arrangement where there is no return policy. 2. Insist on a written receipt or invoice. Licensed retailer slot machine dealers maintain receipts of sales for tracking and audit purposes. It is also important to get a receipt or invoice for your own personal records to protect your investment. 3. Make sure the dealer carries replacement parts and provides technical support for their product after the sale. A seller unwilling to do so most likely lacks the knowledge or resources to correct a problem. 4. Better Buisness accredited ? Know whom you are dealing with. Remember, phone numbers can change or become disconnected with no forwarding information. 5. Listings on Craigs List electronically are deleted after 45 days but are archieved and available through a subpoena should you need to pursue legal action. 6. If a listing is offering multiple slot machines for sale claiming they are downsizing, chances are they are a minion selling the machines out of thier garage on consignment from someone else. Let them both deal with the incured tax liability, but be warned you as the puchaser are liable for taxes on your puchase according to Arizona Revised Statutes. Slot machines are serialized and leave a trail through their serial numbers as they change possesion from the Casino and / or gaming jurisdiction where they originated. When this paper work is finished, don't risk the possibility of being caught and impicated because someone else is dishonest and not maintaining compliance. Licensed retailers may charge a little more to maintain overhead, but the extra price comes in the form of a warranty and technical support offered for your investment. Licenced dealers are also here tomorrow, not a garage sale that's closed when a problem with your machine occurs. Insist on a written receipt for your purchase and make your purchase from a registered and licenced dealer. And remember the golden rule of making a purchase - you get what you pay for. Wheel Fortune Downsizing and return. 3 Reel No Text 4 Real Receipt 5 Real Idiots No Text Call Now Cant beat price! S2000 Bounty No Tax Bally Konaomi Cash Only Dishonesty / Karma Digital Video + Audio - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist